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Aameraa is a global leader in apparel trading and supply chain management


Clothing, as unique and beautiful as you are.

Clothing can certainly be a means of expressing individuality and personal style, it’s important to remember that true beauty comes from within. Clothing can enhance and complement our unique qualities, but ultimately, it’s our inner qualities and character that make us truly special and beautiful.

AaMeRaa Family


This Product Items Men’s, Ladies, Kids.

Woven Wear

This Product Items Men’s, Ladies, Kids.


This Product Items Men’s, Ladies, Kids.

Under Garments

This Product Items Men’s, Ladies, Kids.

Home Textile

This Product Items Terry Towel, Bed sheets, Bag, Apron etc.

Leather Item

This Product Items Ladies Bag, Money Bag, Leather Bag, Leather Belt etc.

Worldwide Shipping

According to our customer requirements we are deliver to our products in the worldwide by sea and air.

Best Quality

Never we don’t compromise with bad quality. We serve to the buyer always our best product.

Best Price

We are quote our best price for buyer in competitive market.

Payments Method

payments Methods will be L/C